Anchor Away


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Shipping Weight 5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 12 × 9 × 6 in

Chocolate, Vanilla


Boats, anchors, fish, crabs, and other creatures that live in the blue ocean come to life in this set of cookies. The confections are topped with white painted fondant in shades of blue and red. You cannot go wrong with these delightful pieces on a calm and blissful trip to the shores. In just 4 working days, collect your order comprising a minimum of 10 per flavor and enjoy your outdoor event.

Cookies comes in either choice of Chocolate or Vanilla flavor.

Product Weight: approx. 12g each /0.42oz

Product Dimension: 1.5"W each round

Box Dimension: 3/4"H x 3"W

Allergens: May contain traces of nuts, sesame, soy, wheat and dairy.



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